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PCL To PS Converter ( Version: 7.2.5 )
Mgosoft PCL To PS Converter is a fast, affordable way to batch convert PCL and PXL print files to Postscript (PS)/Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) file.
Mgosoft PCL To PS Converter does NOT require the third part products, and original PS formatting and interrelation of text and graphical elements on each page. It directly convert pcl files to PS format in very short time, it retains the layout, images, text, line, ellipse, and formatting of the original PCL file.
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  10+ $9.90
 PCL To PS Command Line
  1 $29.90
  2-9 $19.90
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  Developer License $299.90
 PCL To PS SDK (Document)
  Developer License $299.90
License Agreement
Developer License & SDK/COM: It is unlimited license, you can integrate the corresponding SOFTWARE into your developed software and redistribute it to all your customers with royalty-free. If the SOFTWARE contains source codes, you have the right to modify and reuse the codes.
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Key Functions
Convert pcl to ps format instantly.
Batch conversion which can convert pcl documents with one click.
Support sets the PostScript level.
Accurately preserve text, pictures, and layout of the original pcl.
Support expand pages smaller than the paper size.
Support shrink pages larger than the paper size.
Support center pages smaller than the paper size.
Support enable duplex printing.
Support customize the ps paper size.
Standalone software, Adobe Acrobat and Reader NOT required!
Use it on all Windows version including the latest builds of Windows 10;
Command Line
Usage: pcltops <-i pcl File> [options]
-i <string> Specify input pcl file or folder.
-o <string> Specify output ps file or folder.
-s <string> Set paper size, default is original.
Support: "A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, B5, letter, legal, ledger, P11x17",
or set custom size.
e.g. -s "600x800" is set paper width 600, height 800.
e.g. -s "A4" is set paper A4.
-l <int> Set postscript level.
1 = Level 1 PostScript
2 = Level 1 Separable PostScript
3 = Level 2 PostScript (default)
4 = Level 2 Separable PostScript
5 = Level 3 PostScript
6 = Level 3 Separable PostScript
7 = Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)
-e Expand pages smaller than the paper size.
-k Shrink pages larger than the paper size.
-c Center pages smaller than the paper size.
-d Enable duplex printing.
-? Help.
Supported Operating Systems
OS: Microsoft® Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 of both 32-bit and 64-bit.