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PDF To Flash Converter ( Version: 8.1.2 )
Mgosoft PDF To Flash Converter is developed for converting Adobe pdf documents to Shockwave Flash movies. It generates one frame per page. enables fully formatted text, including tables and formulas, inside a Flash Movie.
Mgosoft PDF To Flash Converter does NOT require Adobe Acrobat, and original PDF formatting and interrelation of text and graphical elements on each page. It directly convert PDF files to Flash format, it retains the layout, images, text, line, ellipse, color, and formatting of the original PDF file.
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  Quantity Unit Price Purchase Download
 PDF To Flash GUI
  1 $29.90
  2-9 $19.90
  10+ $9.90
 PDF To Flash Command Line
  1 $29.90
  2-9 $19.90
  10+ $9.90
 PDF To Flash Command Line Developer License
  1 $299.90
 PDF To Flash SDK (Document)
  1 $299.90
License Agreement
Developer License & SDK/COM: It is unlimited license, you can integrate the corresponding SOFTWARE into your developed software and redistribute it to all your customers with royalty-free. If the SOFTWARE contains source codes, you have the right to modify and reuse the codes.
Main interface of the software: Display All Screenshots and Settings >>
Key Functions
Convert pdf to flash format instantly.
Batch conversion which can convert pdf documents with one click.
Support Password Protected PDF file conversion;
Support convert only pages in range with range;
Support custom flash resultion;
Support set flash version;
Support custom flash framerate;
Support convert graphics to bitmaps or convert everything to bitmaps;
Add next/previous buttons to the SWF;
Insert a stop() command in each page.
Support disable links.
Standalone software, Adobe Acrobat and Reader NOT required!
Use it on all Windows version including the latest builds of Windows 10;
Command Line
Usage: pdftoswf <-i PDF File> [options]
-i <string> Specify input pdf file or folder.
-o <string> Specify output swf file or folder.
-l <string> Save log, e.g. -l "c:\filename.log"
-w <string> Set Open pdf file password.
-p <string> Set page range to convert.
-p 2,5-15,20- Extract page 2,page 5 through 15, page 20 through end.
-q <int> Set quality of embedded jpeg pictures to quality.
0 is worst (small), 100 is best (big). (default:85)
-v <int> Set the Flash fileversion, 6-9,(default:9)
-z <int> Set the Flash resultion (default: 72)
-f <double> Set the Flash framerate (default: 0.5)
-b <int> 1 is convert graphics to bitmaps.
2 is convert everything to bitmaps.
-a Add next/previous buttons to the SWF
-d Disable links.
-s Insert a stop() command in each page.
Supported Operating Systems
OS: Microsoft® Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 of both 32-bit and 64-bit.